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CTB04-PC-ELL issue


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I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct forum or not.  I'm having an issue with the CTB04-PC-ELL unit I installed this year.  It powers four pieces remotely in my front yard.  On one sequence which I use between shows, I run all the lights on.  The CTB04 will run for the first 1-3 minutes and then it shuts off.  It won't come back on until the next sequence plays.  

I've done all of the basics, connections are good, dropped baud rate to 57.6k from 115k.  Current ELLs are up to date firmware wise.  I've rebuilt the sequence from scratch.  I've run tests on just those channels with the same result.  Network speeds are confirmed to match.  I did have hardware error checking enabled which I've now switched to Xon/Xoff.  

Does anyone have any other thoughts?  Thanks in advance for the help.



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Figured it out.  I was copying sequence data from an old file and it was truncating the overall time of the sequence.  That was frustrating but at least it's fixed.



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