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regular light circuit - no output after Superstar upgrade


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 Ok, it's my three CB16's that wont output with LOR since I did the upgrade to Superstar. Before they worked perfect. I have 4 (100 pix each) CCB's on the same channel and they work fine. Been through the hardware stuff, All are still I'd properly and all found. Click one on in SE and nothing. They work fine with Aurora, Imported my shows into X-lights and they work fine there too so my question is. Is there something I did in superstar that's keeping them off, a switch I'm not seeing somewhere ? I have the latest version pro level with 16 ccr's.  and they will power up and turn on in hardware .

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THANK YOU !!!!  Yes that was it Dennis. I didn't seq them in SS. Just started using it. Turned off the enhanced in Network and they fired right up.   It is , I think,  because they are all old like me.. lol. SS maybe realized they were not enhanced controllers but I had been using in that mode just without any enhancements.. Maybe.. don't know. but you saved the day. thank you again. 


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