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When assigning ports using the auto function you are prompted to answer if this is the port used for shows. Obviously you choose yes. When you are assigning for your 2nd network do you choose yes as well or just leave it as is? I understand that you only configure on port at a time.

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Here is my suggestion.  Answer no, and then check the box to "never ask this again".  Personally I NEVER use the auto function.  I always use the Windows Device Manager so I KNOW what comm port is assigned to rather than having the software attempt to guess it.  Then use Network Configuration Preferences to tell LOR what comm ports are used for what.  I also have labels on the three LOR USB adapters identifying what comm port they are assigned to, along with labels as to which USB port that each one should be plugged into (sometimes Windows will change the Comm port when you plug into a different USB port).  Lastly, I have a note on the desktop of the show computer that tells me all of the same information.


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