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HU/Show will work on E1.31 but not LOR network


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ok so I followed the steps in the guide that has 18 steps or so. I got it hooked up as LOR and the jumpers are correct. However I can not get the lights to turn on outside of the network configuration. I decided to try it on the E1 network and it works it works through hardware utility and through the PE. How can I fix this so it goes through the LOR. I'm not sure I can get everything connected correctly this way.

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More questions for you:

1) What LOR software license level do you have?

2) What is the configuration of your LOR network or networks (enhanced or non-enhanced, speed, anything odd)?

There may be more...


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I'm using the pixon 16 controller. I have the pro version of the software. 

I made sure the jumpers were on LOR. Set the com port for that unit to what it detected comm 3. Set the speed to the 500k and checked the box for ELOR. Currently This is setup through a router and working. I also have a pixie2d controller. It's working through HU LOR but will not work when I play sequence/show. I've checked the channels and the seem to be correct.

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For the pixie2d controller it's unit 4 in HU. The sequence is set to 4 and 6 (it set it automatically) in Pixel editor.

For the Pixon16, right now none as it its going through E1:31 way... I had it assigned to Unit 5 and above(if I remember right). I know I checked to make sure I didn't have units labeled the same. In HU I don't believe the pixon16 ever assigned a unit

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