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help ive tried everything i know


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Getting this error.  comm listener error 3: comm winsock error / 10061:connection is forcefully rejected

when i try to load the tray, commlistener comes up and starts to run this error.  I can not even get the list from the tray to stay up long enough to start a show.  Ran the hardware utility and finds com port and talks to controller no problem.  I have unistalled rs485 driver and reistalled.  I have unistalled and reistalled LOR.  Im able to ping my controlers on the e1.31 side but of course the lights dont work because the commlistener is have a problem.  Everything Ive been able to find on this talks about what to do if you dont have a rs485 dongle.  I do but am getting the error.  Please help!

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winsock error suggests your Firewall software is blocking the Listener (or other LOR apps ). You may need t white list (add exceptions) for the LOR applications.

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