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Channel Config is not my friend


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I have a sequence which had a channel config loaded.  I wanted to try another channel config.  I assumed (incorrectly) that the existing channel config would be cleared, while the new channel config would be loaded.  But apparently it doesn't do that, now I have I mashup of a channel config.

Is there a way to clear an existing channel config, and reimport a new channel config into my existing sequence?




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in S4 and before...  your sequence effects are stored in channel order.  (sort of) .   

This allows you to import any config.   A config is a set of network,unit,channel number, channel name, and group names.   

Your effects stay in the same channel order but now they may play on a different channel.   

I would guess that you can just import the correct config and it would be back as expected.    There is always the backup file if that didnt work.  (dont save again.. get the .bak file which is the prior saved file)


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