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Connection Issues - At a Loss.......


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Been struggling for days trying to troubleshoot my setup of controllers this year (year 7). Looking for thoughts as to what I may be missing. I am running pro version of LOR  software, 3 separate networks and have the high speed (red) USB485 adapters for all networks.

  • Network 2 (12 CCR's) works just fine
  • Network 3 (12 CCP's and 4 50 Watt Floods) - works just fine. 
  • Network 1 (7 Residential Controllers, 11 CCP's and 2 CMD24's for 10W floods). - all sorts of problems. Aside from the Hardware utility not picking up some of the controllers the bigger issue (that I can't figure out) is if I run my normal test sequence (everything on) the lights will stay on for a few seconds and then one by one you can see lights from each controller go dark.  
    • First question - is there a limit of how much you can have on a network? Can you overload it? Never had issues in the past but this year I added 9 CCP's to this network and wonder is that's the issue.
    • Could there be something else causing everything to turn off even though the sequence is still playing? 

From a Unit numbering standpoint - can I duplicate unit numbers over different networks (i.e. Network A, Unit 2 and then also have Network C, Unit 2) or is it best to not use the same unit # across multiple networks?


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