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Copy Channel Properties between sequences?


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OK, since there is no clean way to merge sequences, would it be possible to select a channel's properties from one sequence and copy that channel's properties into and then paste it into a second sequence? That means copying the Channel Name, Color, Device Type, Network, Unit, and Circuit? At least that would help speed up things rather than having to manually set each value which is painfully slow. I would even be OK with adding the devices/channels in the new sequence and then be able to just copy the channel name and color. Just a thought.


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Take a sequence that is set up correctly and select Edit/Export Channel Config/ Export Channel Config, give it a unique name and save it.

This should now be your master config file until your hardware or channel config changes. 

Next time you start a new sequence, Edit/Export/Import/Channel Config/Import Channel Config and Import it into your new blank sequence. 

It is good practice to keep all your sequences on the same config file. If you have multiple configs on different sequences, sooner or later you will end up with a confused mess.

You might also want to read up on Tracks and Groups as an aid to keeping your sequences and configs organized.


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That's great and I use that but it is useless for bring in a stand alone sequence into a large file.I can make the placeholders in the master file and then copy the channels. No different than copying a channel into a new track....

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