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pixie 16 with ws2812b ribbon


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I am diving into  the new world for me anyways of pixel ribbons on the pixie 16 board first geb

First off the the red and green  are opposite from command secondly  I have been unable to get the entire ribbon to light using a test sequence only about  a fifth of the string is operating as the entire

any help in pointing me  in the right direction would be  greatly appreciated

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Let's start off with how many pixels on the string?

How are you testing (Hardware Utility, Pixel Console)?

On your test sequence, how many lights lit up?

As for the Red and Green being reversed, that is just the RGB color order needing to be set.  Very easy to do.

Lastly, a suggestion.  Please use at least something close to proper grammar and punctuation.  Please read what you typed before sending to see if it makes sense.  Hint, your second paragraph is VERY hard to understand.


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