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CCB-II 50 per string: JP5 removal

Crimson Lane Lights Etown

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My new CCB-II gave me a  few problems:  First big issue was I needed software 4.3.16 and greater to use the HU to configure.  ok did that.  Second, I had to turn off DIP switch 8 so the unit ID could be set other than ONE(01). ok did that.  Third, and the BIG issue, I had to remove the jumper that was on JP5, so I could "Flip" string one.  Also, with the jumper on, the HU defaulted to 100 pixels per string, not 50.  So be careful when configuring the Pixie2D-V3.  Who says you can't learn another language at my age, I speak Lightorama! 

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So I just opened my new Pixie16 and saw this.  According to the manual, the jumper force a configuration for the RGB IC...not sure what this means.

Anyway, the posted picture make me believe that I cannot run CCR-II strips and pixel/bulbs off of the same controller...it this true? 


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