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Setting Up DUMB RBG as a newbie using CAT5


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Hey Guys.

I wanted to share my experience with setting up Cat5.  I had TONS of questions, and wanted to share how I ended up setting up my DUMB RBG.  I didn't know what to order, how it worked etc.  I would have loved something like this so I could see how.  (This isn't about buying RBG devices, but how I put it together... I was just as stressed about what accessories I would need).

Special thanks to Tom, Santas Helper  for the help and guidance.  He was the guy who said it could work with Cat5.  I did buy for $2 each RBG boosters in the off chance Tom was messing with me.  But 60' of Cat5 out... not an issue, colours matched 3'. 

(Also not sure if this is the right place to post this.  Moderator please chirp me if not).

Sorry it isn't really well video'd but I tried to take photos along the way to ensure I could remember in a few years haha.



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Always good to show what you did, even if others agree or disagree it can sometimes spur thoughts and ideas for others.

Tip for your solder - after you twist them together, get some flux on there, get a big blob of solder on the tip of your iron and touch it to them, it will take quickly and easily.

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