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  1. I messaged you on the RGB 10w floods/controller.
  2. I was able to upgrade to Pro with S4 as well.
  3. It's been many years since posting on this but thought I would report back. All my 30 LED floods I hacked during the creation of this post are still going strong. Every single one of them.
  4. Tomorrow is the Central Oklahoma Mini!!!!!! Hope to see ya there.
  5. Looks more like a display and not a show. I wonder if the Mad Grab sale is what financially set him in a rut.
  6. And you get to meet great people like JR Thanks for your input JR. We're going to miss you.
  7. First off, welcome to the forum and this crazy bunch of people. I wouldn't call posting the event on February 1st a short notice but hope you can make it. I think you will find very worth your time, especially if your brand new. Even if you can just stop by for an hour or two, it will be worth it. Hope to see ya there. Tom
  8. Between this forum and the LOR facebook groups, there's no way I could miss the sale if I wanted to. Something to consider for the future. Queue into this forum starting in March and stay in touch. Also, join LOR groups on facebook. I guarantee you won't miss it doing these two things. Guaranteed.
  9. Central Oklahoma Mini - ONE WEEK AWAY!!!!!!! We have many sponsors that have provided door prizes to give away. Free, Food and Friendly Join us for some awesome fun and meet/greet some great people. It's not too late to sign up.
  10. I'm pretty much the same way.
  11. Greetings all, just bumping this post from OkieGirl (Liz). There is a link to the Oklahoma Christmas Light Enthusiast facebook group. Please join the group if interested, especially if interested in attending (please RSVP) the mini in two weeks. Thank you, Tom
  12. Anyone who shows interest here will be shared with Liz so everyone will be on the same list. And I think we both are in the same ball park when it comes to eating.
  13. 4 WEEKS !!!! 4 weeks (from yesterday) is the Central Oklahoma Mini. If you are interested in attending, please PM me and I'll add you to the invite list. We are getting a head count for charis/tables and food. So please contact me if interested. Thank you, Tom
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