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s4 software direction-----help

kelly jett

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hey guys need some help.

long story short.  loaded  s5 to my laptop at expo.  played with it some but not a whole lot.   well 2 days ago it went kaput.....got to send it back and get fixed with hp.

ok enough about the bad news.   I need to reload to my old computer to set up the show for this year.  I have pro license.   I have had some rgb  floods the last few years

and I'm adding a couple new rgb elements this season.  nothing huge and will probably use them as accents and for hit and miss effects.  not gonna be a major feature of

the display due to learning curve and time on my hands.

well after all of that my question is I'm gonna re-install one of the s4 versions.   I have looked at some posts and seen various folks having issues with different versions.

any suggestions on which Is the best version to revert back too.  


s5 was great but I think I'll wait til the official release.


thanks for the help


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I've been running 4.3 24 since the day it was released on my nightly landscape lighting show (both running the show and some sequencing) without any issues.


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I've been running 4.3.24 doing near-daily sequencing since about two days after it was released and I've also experienced no problems at all.

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thank you very much guys

4.3.24 sounds good to me.

I appreciate the honest folks on here that are willing to help with real experiences.

best of luck this season.....

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