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Running Gen three on DMX


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Will the Gen 3 controllers work exactly the same if they are run in DMX?  I want to say I read somewhere that they will not shimmer or twinkle if run in DMX mode.  Also will the Red high speed dongle output DMX?  The reason I am asking, I have one high speed LOR adapter running my 5 controllers now, and a used USB to DMX adapter to run 1 universe that has maybe 40 channels used.  If I could run them all in DMX it would sure make it easier to not have to run an extra set of data cables just for those 40 extra DMX channels.  I understand that I will have to make an adapter for the LOR boxes  and change all the addresses for the 5 controllers.  and trust me, this is a next years project.  I am curious as I plan on redoing all my channel line ups, and props when I start messing with the new 5. after this season is over  Thanks Guys!


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They will run DMX.

They will also twinkle and Shimmer but in DMX the twinkle and Shimmer are dependent on the network.

The LOR controllers have an internal twinkle and Shimmer that can optimize the Cycles against the 60 Cycles coming into the box for the best look when they're connected to an Lor Network using LOR proprietary protocol. 

So when you ask if they work exactly the same the answer is yes and no, yes they will work the same, no the twinkle and Shimmer won't look the same. 

I can't answer if you're high speed adapter will output DMX for sure. 

My best guess would be that it will. 

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Twinkle and shimmer are different in DMX. When a LOR controller is operating on a LOR network, a shimmer or twinkle is a single command that the controller then interprets and generates the shimmer or twinkle.  A DMX network only understands a single command - the current level.  Therefore, in order to send a shimmer, the show computer or director must send a command for whatever level, followed by an off command, and repeat very quickly.  A DMX network sends each channel command about 45 times per second.

I see Ebuechner answered most of this too.


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