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I am only on my second year of doing these shows and I managed to lose a lot of my smaller hardware this year... I was trying to remember which USB controller I had (I remember it was an enhanced version but that doesn’t help too much)!  I now have 22 controllers going with mostly LED lights, as well as numerous sequences.  I tried looking at comparison charts between everything but some say 500k and up, others 250k but “might” go higher, etc. and I really don’t know what any of this means.  I am powering a display off my main desktop which covers about 200 ft in the front and two sides directions.  Anyone that can answer this, I would be truly grateful.  It’s time to start and I can’t even find the basics!  :-(

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Firstly, Welcome to the Forums

There are only 2 USB to RS485 Adapters. More than likely with that many controllers you had a Red HiSpeed adapter. Even if you didn't for $2.00 more it would be worth it to get the HiSpeed adapter. Here is a link to both and a primer about what the adapters do.


USB-RS485-HS  (Hi Speed)

USB-RS485 Communications Adapter

http://www1.lightorama.com/converters/ Adapter Info


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