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2 PixCon16's in DMX mode through a router


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I am totally lost here... I am trying to setup 2 PixCon 16 controller as DMX through a router. I can see the controllers in the PixCon16 config, I can test them and they work. But I can't control them through the software.
I have setup each port to have a unique universe... etc.

I can't get past #17... where both lights stay solid :( 
17.  E1.31: Do not disconnect anything. 

  • Both LEDs should be SOLID ON. 
    Do not continue until they are.

Can someone give me some direction to head next? Thanks!

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Through? As your computer is on the WAN side and the PixCon are on the LAN (w/wo DHCP) side?

I think all setups expect you to be on the Same subnet as the devices.


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the computer is dedicated with the router plugged into the networking card via a CAT5 cable from a lan port (not the wan port)... on its own LAN... using static IPs.... an island unto itself... ?

I don't really know what I'm doing but I have gotten this far! :D 
Might be something in the router settings? the boards lights stay on when I connect a board directly... 

Some of my windows are just under 500 so I thought that true DMX through a router was the best choice... I'M SO CLOSE!!!! I just don't know where to look for problems now.


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I mis-spoke earlier- the two lights never stay fully on- the status light always blinks-

the Listener sees all of the universes but when I open anything, like the sequence editor and assign universes then run a show- it accepts the connection then just sits there.... Is that what it's supposed to do?

could REALLY use some help with this or more information on getting control of the lights... 

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