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PixCon 16 set up not working

Kieren James

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I just receive my Pixcon16  board and my 16 CRC ribbon for my CRC tree which l purchased during the sale .

I am trying to complete the configuration set but l can only get so far.

I can see the board in the network configuration software but it will not let me do any configuration other than running the trouble shooter

I have run the trouble shooter  and it trys to set a static address but when it does l can no longer see the board in the network software.

Then l have to used the the Factory IP reset so  l can see the board again but the problem still remains , l can see the board but it will not let me configure it.

I am able to configure other PixCon boards l purchased last year  but not the new one that came last week

Updated my software to the latest S4 version and l have a pro licence however this has made no difference either

Light on the board show that the board is powered on and running properly. 

Not sure what to do next. Should l try a firmware update on the board???

Any help is greatly appreciated.





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