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240V resistors for CTB32LD

Alan Hanson

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I've got a customer who sent me a number of CTB32LD boards for repair. These appear to me that they've gone out with 110V spec resistors for the input voltage optocouplers.
The resistors in question are R75 and R76 for left channels and R78 and R79 for the right channel. The 2 boards both have 15k resistors installed and both the SMD and the axial resistors have got hot to the point of damaging the boards and in 1 case falling off the board.

Can anyone give me the correct value that should be used for 240V spec boards



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Hi Alan.

Please open a help desk ticket for those boards that were sent to you.  Something is not quite right.  If we sent out improper boards, we would of course exchange them.  However I am wondering if this customer didn't some how get boards that were originally 120V, and all he did was swap the transformer jumper.  

If that is the case, then there are a lot of other components on that board that are going to be bad or need to be changed 

Please include the name of the customer so we can check our records to see what we shipped him.  If we indeed sent incorrect controllers, we will exchange them.  Otherwise I can have engineering get a hold of you to explain what is going to be bad, what needs to be changed out, etc.  Please note that if there is board damage, there is not a lot that can be done other than offer you the 40% off replacement policy.  We can discuss that in the ticket as well.

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