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IP Address - Updated Show PC and Falcon F16v3


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Finally getting around to setting up my new Falcon F16v3.  On top of that, chanigng my displayt computer.   Will be running  Falcon inconjucntion with a SanDevices e6804 from last season. 

Being visully impaired, I cannot read the Falcon's OLED screen to change the ip address which is, So waiting for my wife to have a few minutes  this weekend to do this for me.  Don't want to spin my wheels this weekend, entering improper ip address.

I have changed the updated show PC's ethernet adapter IP (which was blank) to coordinator with e6804s IP address of 168.254.74.x.  In scimming thought  F16v3's manual, didn't see any reference in coordinating  controller and PC's IP address as there was in the E6804's manual by using the cmd ipconfig.

So I'm I thinking correctly that the F16v3's IP also needs to be in the 169.254.74.x range? Seems like there's a lot of Falcon IP address references to 192.168.1.x  as I did some web research.  

BTW, I'm going to use a switch for the E6804 and F16v3.   I have a spare e6804 and have already test run 2 E6804's off of the switch via a sequence.  My updated show computer is not connected to a router/internet.



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Yes, your show computer, SanDevices controllers, and Falcon controller need to be on the same subnet.  To keep it simple, that means that the first three octets need to be the same and the last octet all need to be different.  Since you are not connected in any way to the internet, you can get away with almost anything, but I would recommend that you use 192.168.something.xxx range.  The reason for this is that the 192.168.yyy.xxx ranges are private (non-routable on the internet) address ranges, so if somewhere down the road you end up with a connection to a router connected to the internet, it MAY help avoid conflicts.  Of those, I would avoid 192.168.0.xxx and 192.168.1.xxx because a large percentage of home type routers will default to one of those two ranges, and again, it MAY help avoid conflicts.  Personally I use 192.168.131.xxx for my E1.31 devices, but that's just me.

Yes, there can be a MUCH longer answer to all this, and I CAN explain it if you really want, but it is unneeded.


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Also keep in mind that the Falcon F16V3 has a two port switch built in so you can actually daisy chain off of the Falcon if you want to extend instead of coming off a switch.

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