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Dan willis

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I cannot get second set of rgbs to work only first 50 , they are from last year

test will show all channels in dual normal but i'm not able to effect them 

I've not been able to find this in the forums or docs. just need a push in right direction

have no problems with the older ccrs

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First of all, I see this is your first post.  Welcome to the forum Dan!

Are you testing this from the Hardware Utility or by playing a test sequence from either the Sequence Editor or the Pixel Editor?  Also what version of software are you using and what license level do you have?

Let me see if I can help with this.  You said that you are using the CB100 in dual normal mode.  That's the way I run mine.  When in dual normal mode, the first string will have the controller ID that you have set for the CB100 as channels 1 - 150 plus the 7 macro channels.  The second string will appear as the controller ID plus one and the channels will be the same as the first string (except a different ID).  In other words, if the CB100 controller is set for a Unit ID of 01, then the first string would be Unit ID 01 channels 1 - 150, and the second string would be Unit ID 02 with channels 1 - 150.  If you are using the Hardware Utility, the second Unit ID will not show up.  I don't remember if you can control the second string when operating in Dual Normal mode from the Hardware Utility (because you can't select the second Unit ID).  I'm sorry, but I can't test this for you easily because my CCPs are installed in the arches and both the arches and controllers are in storage up in the attic.  If desperate, I can take the laptop up into the attic over the weekend and test - providing I can get up there early enough in the morning that it's not beastly hot up there.  If you are trying your test with the Hardware Utility, exit that and build a quickie test sequence in Sequence Editor and test it from there.. 


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Thanks    Not much for posting and can usually can figure out by just reading

Yes have been trying to test in HW utility can see and fist 50 work fine so I'll try a quick seq.  and that's why I didn't put in show last year

Running 4.3.20 advanced on vista pro I've never had a real software issue  just a learning curve every 4-5 yrs. when I upgrade computers which is time to do again 

Ill let you know if it works in a sequence , just like to see it work first 

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