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Mega Tree - Individual Control


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Greetings all!

I'm beginning to prep for this years Christmas show and I'm planning to add a mega tree (12x50).  I'm curious to know before I begin to program if there is a way to just control individual strands.  For instance, in the past I used regular LED lights to create my own tree, but I was able to control each strand individually because there were on their own channel.  One of the songs I use, starts with solo cello, that I mimicked on that tree.  Is there a way to set up the controller/program so in PE I can control each strand?  I'm thinking instead of using the pre-made tree structure.  Just make 12 individual lines?



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Dumb RGB would be treated the same as AC LEDs, 1 RGB output (4 wires) per string.  The dif, you get to set/change  the color of the string.

BTW You would need 1-1/2 CMB24D controllers and PSU's to supply the loads

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So, now the issue I'm running into is when I want the prop to act like a mega tree, the effects aren't working correctly (direction etc.).  Can I make an additional prop using the pixel tree prop design with the same channel as my 12 individual (would be the same 12 strings) and just program the effects based on if I want 12 individual strings or the pixel?

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