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Blown Fuse with PixCon16


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Hello Early Light Enthusiast

I have created a monster and need someone's assistance to tame it...


1.  4 - 83 amp 12 volt power supplies (each one sending power to one bank of 8 channels)

2.  2 - PixCon 16 LOR controllers

3.  180 Pixels per channel of (DC12V waterproof full color 12mm WS2811 led pixel) - Each operate at DC 12V, 0.3W/led

4.  Apparently the total Watts per channel is 54 with a total of 4.5 amps

5.  HOW can I bypass the controller load and stay under the 4 amp limit per channel without reducing the number of pixels per channel?

6.  Can I send power from the board ONLY to first 3 set of 50 pixels, THEN add an INJECTION 12V lead to the remaining, but keep the DATA connected?  I am assuming that since 3 sets of 50 at 15 Watts per set then the total 4.5 amps per channel.  This would keep the total of the bank at 36 amps.

Since I am new to the Pixel world, I knew there are most of you that would have the answer.  Your support in this is greatly appreciated.  Let me know if this would work, before I spend all the time creating this. 



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