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Hello all,

Debating which way to control my network.  I was looking at the G3 system but now thinking about the ELL system as it would allow me to still computer control the show.

what are the experts advise?  Right now show will be 5 controllers with no pixels.



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You mention the "ELL system" and "G3" system.  Only one of these is a "control" system by nature; the other is a means of controller connection.

With LOR, you can either control your lights via a computer or with a director unit (G3 MP3 or Gen 3 Mini).  Both of these require a wired connection to your controllers.  However, you may substitute some or all of those wired connections with an ELL, or Easy Light Linker.    For most people, a simple CAT5 connection does the job.  If you want to eliminate a wire going out of your house or garage, or eliminate a long distance between controllers, the ELL will do just that...but it's definitely not needed.

An experts advice? I'd recommend to go wired.  Buy yourself an extra controller with they money you'd otherwise spend on a wireless connection.  However, we don't know your exact setup, so take that with a grain of salt.

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