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I know that you usually introduce new hardware each year around the time of the annual sale, and I am biting my tongue on this question as I sure would like to know what new goodies you have planned for release this year. However, I am only going to ask about one, which shouldn't require you to release any "in development or trade secrets." Last year, when you released the iDMX 1000, you mentioned that you would be carrying DMX fixtures and cables. Since I am getting into DMX this year and have purchased my first fixture (moving yolk), will you be carrying the DMX cables, termination plugs this year? If so, I will wait for you to introduce them since I know that you test everything for compatability with LOR. From following the DMX forum for the past year, I know that cable quality is very important. Since I know next to nothing about DMX, I am hesitant about ordering them from anyone else at this time. If you are not carrying the cables this year, is there some standard or certification that I should look for when I purchase the cables?

Now, about the other new products you are going to introduce.........:P

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