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channel not coming on

Jeffery m

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Hi all .Needing some assistance please.I purchased a used ctb16 and today when I went to run some test patterns in hardware channel 16 willnot come on.I thought maybe it could have been the lights so I put on a brand new strand and still nothing.Any ideas? thanks Jeffery


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Try resetting the board before you send it back, it may be something simple.

For a CTB16PCG3:

Reset / Normal Operation Jumper There is a jumper on header JP3. JP3 is the smaller, 6-pin header to the lower left of the network connection jacks. Pin 1 of this jumper is furthest from the network jacks. For normal operation, the jumper is installed between pins 4 & 5 as shown in the following picture: To reset the controller, power it off, move this jumper to pins 5 & 6 (one pin right) and power the controller on. The status LED will fast blink during reset. Once you see this, power the board off and move the jumper back to pins 4 & 5. Reset resets everything. The Unit ID reverts to 01, all channels are set to the Standard dimming curve and downloaded dimming curves are deleted.

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