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CMB-16D connections


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I have one of the 16D cards and connected it the other day. The computer couldn't find it when it was the only thing connected to the RS485. I connected my 16K to the computer and then 16D after it and the computer can find it then. I tried to reverse the connections and then it wouldn't find anything when the 16D was first in the string.

What can be done to get the 16D card be the only controller connected to the computer so I can experiment with it.


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It still sounds like a power issue. The serial adapter does not supply DC power over the data cable, but most LOR controllers do. So a CMB-16D downstream of a PC controller will run, and be recognized, with no power connected. So will a CMB-16D connected only to a USB-485B (power booster). The behavior you are describing still sounds like you are not getting power to the logic of the CMB-16D.

When you have power applied, and nothing plugged into the data ports on the CMB-16D, is the LED flashing? If not, the logic is not powered up correctly.. Power for the logic needs to be either on the supply connection for channels 1-8, and at least 12VDC and the fuse must be good, or on the barrel connector. It can't hurt to double check the polarity and fuse on the power supply connections.

And for reference, I have run a set up that is just the PC, the USB-485B, and one CMB-16D, with and without a 13.8VDC supply connected to the bank for 1-8. I do get the flashing status light from either the DC power supply on, or the USB-485B being plugged into both the computer and the controller.

Hope this helps!

- Kevin

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