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Creating Preview from Visualization results in all single bulb RGB unusable


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Yesterday I was playing with the S5 Beta, and observed a problem with importing a Visualization to create a Preview.  Today I replicated the same problem in 4.3.18.  Let me explain and hopefully someone can come up with a solution.  BTW, all of the rest of this discussion relates to S4.3.18 - NOT the S5 beta.

For the past six years, I have done almost all of my sequencing in SuperStar using a Visualization to import the channel configurations.  The visualization file has EVERY light in my show - single color individual bulbs (white), traditional AC light strings, RGB single bulbs, RGB dumb strips, and RGB smart strips or pixels (both LOR and E1.31).  A total of almost 6,000 channels.  Since Pixel Editor has the ability to input a Visualization file in order to create a PE Preview, that seemed like the logical way to create those 6,000 channels rather than building the preview from scratch in the Preview Editor.  The import appears to be fine when looking at everything in the Preview Editor.  The channels are right, the locations on the display are right, etc.

The problem comes in when either creating a new sequence in Pixel Editor using the newly imported preview, or importing a .lms file that had originally been created either in SuperStar or in Sequence Editor.  In either case, the single channel bulbs and traditional strings come out correct, as well as strings or strips of smart pixles (Pixel tree, CCP based arches, strings of GECE lights, or smart strips).  However ALL single RGB devices (mostly RGB dumb strips), show as "no matching channel" in the Props list.  Additionally the three colors are not treated as part of an RGB device, but rather three individual lights of the three primary colors.  In the case of importing an existing .lms file from either SE or SuperStar the three individual colors will have activity on the sequencing grid, but will not play on the preview.

Just for full disclosure, I only have played with PE during the S4 beta two years ago, and for all practical purposes have not used it since.  Since S5 is essentially an updated Pixel Editor with VERY little integration of SuperStar, it looks like I'm going to be forced into learning and using PE (or the S5 Sequencer after I move to S5).  As a result, this evening I set out to sequence a 32 second voiceover file from The Demented Elf using PE rather than SuperStar.  I found the same issue described above that I had seen in the S5 beta yesterday.

Any ideas - preferably without having to delete all the single bulb RGB channels and re-creating them?


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