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G3 Mp3 director + Pixels


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Planning on expanding my lightshow with even more pixels. My current show is 96 regular LOR channels on one network on the G3 Mp3 director and 1200 channels (400 pixels) on CCP's+Pixies on the other network.

I am running the pixels on an enhanced network. Pixel display created with PE. Its running on 500k because of the CCP's.

I am planning building a large matrix with 2800 pixels and some other elements, so say 3200 pixels (9600 channels). Together with my existing 1200 channels it will be more than 10000 channels.

Maybe I need to replace the CCP's with Pixies so I can run 1000K.

How much pixel channels have you loaded on one network controlled by G3 MP3 director? 500k? 1000k?



New Enhanced File Processing for G3 MP3 directors

A new File Format is now created when writing an SD card with the Hardware Utility when a Network contains Enhanced Light O Rama commands.  This new file format improves the performance of the MP3 director when using high speed (500K, 1000K) networks.

Will this firmware update make the director handle more pixels?

Im am trying to avoid running the show with a computer. I like running it with the director. Any update on the 4 port director?

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If you are using a G3MP3 (with dual networks), you should be able to push that many pixels spread across 2 networks at 500K.

Remember, only the PixCON (not the PixIE) can support 1000K.


We recommend no more than approximately 2000-2400 pixels per LOR network using ELOR at 500K

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I dont remember if I tried the pixies with 1000K, but according to the store details for Pixies: "LOR network speeds up to 1Mbit".

Also according to this site Pixies can run with 1000K:  http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/

Whats the max amount of pixels recommendations for for 1000K?

The matrix grid will have the controllers very near on the backside.

Too bad I have non G3 units on one of the networks. They will have to be replaced so that network can run 500K.

No news on a 4 port director? Maybe somehing useful will be released on Christmas Expo? :)

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I was informed by LOR that the G3MP3 does NOT support 1000K at this time. The plan is for new firmware to be released this summer to address this. This for the Pixcon16 unit connected to G3MP3.

DevMike can you please advise if my statement is correct?



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Today new firmware is available for G3MP3 director (5.38). Now it supports 1000K. That means up to 5000 pixels on one network.

Pixies should work with 1000K.

Cant wait to try my new 3000 pixel matrix.

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