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LED's drop out during Sequence but work in HU


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Hello all, 

I've got a weird issue I cannot figure out and I'm hoping someone has some insight. 

I've created a test sequence in both SE and PE and created simple effects for my props. Every prop seems to work w/ the exception of three stars. 

I'm using Pixie16 controllers, and each controller has the correct unit ID's, networks, com ports, etc. and the controller pixel settings are both at 100 and the Pixie16 has the latest firmware version. 

Each star has 50 pixels, and every color lights up just fine when I test it in HU. However; when I run the actual sequence, the last four LED's don't do anything, (see the attached pics) regardless of the type of effect. I've changed the prop settings numerous times, specifically the channel section information, but still have the same result. I've even tried lowering the "max circuit" number to 150 instead of 175 (so there's no carry over) and it had no change. I don't know exactly what the carry over column is, and LOR has NO literature or reference to this section and what it does, even in the help guide or tutorials. I've even changed the options in the channels section, "separate unit # for each string" instead of "individual start channels", and I get the same result. I've even tried checking both options and again, same results. I know the LED's are not bad because every color will light up in the HU pixel test. I always save the file in PE and then save the intensity data before running the sequence from SE.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm at my wits end! 

Thx in advance. :)


HU Star LED Test.png

PE Star Prop Settings.png

Star LEDs not working.png

PE Star Prop Settings1.png

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Matt, thx for your reply. I thought the starting circuit refers to the physical "port" on the Pixie16. Does the starting circuit refer to the first pixel instead?

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The Unit Id refers to the port on the Pixie board. See page 5 of this document to get a better idea on how to set up the unit id for Pixie boards:


The circuit is related to the pixel number. Each pixel is 3 channels. So channel 1 is the first pixel on a port, channel 4 is the second pixel, etc.


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Thx Matt! I've read that article and I must have missed the section on page 13 that says "leave start circuit set to 1". 

I've tried the sequence again w/ these changes and it works fine now. Thank you!!! :)



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