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Corner House, usually use 2 different views...


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I have a corner house and in the past I have used two different views for each sequence.

I have a side view where my arches, mini trees, and side roof lines are.  From this view you could see the Megatree, but the front roof line would not be seen well.

Then I have a front of the house where I have the Mega Tree and other roof lines at.  You can see the Mini trees, but they would be all stacked up behind each other.  The Arches would be seen as a end view only.

With the Pixel editor it seems like it wants everything in one view?  things come out quiet distorted.  I only use the Pixel Editor (v4.3.18 Pro) for the Roof Line and windows so far.  All other items are still in the Sequence Editor.

Any suggestions?



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I decorate 2 houses at Christmas. I used a paint program to merge a picture of each house together to use as my background. You will need to do something similar to capture the 2 sides of your house.

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So basically flatten the two views into one...

It seems like the Pixel editor tries to keep track of two dimensions.  Effects that can go right to left or up and down for instance. 

Does the Z component get lost or cause issues or any tricks I need to look our for?

Thanks so much!


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Corner lot here too.  I took a panoramic on my IPhone.  Worked great to get whole display in one pic.  I don't use pixel editor but I'm assuming it might work there too

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