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RJ12 - 6 PIN Jack


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I am building my CTB16PC boards WHICH I HATE!!!

If I had known how small they were going to be I would have stuck with the bigger boards and paid the extra money.

Well, I got some solder in one of the pin holes for the 6 pin jack and I can't get it out because these boards are so small my desoldering tool wont work.

I only use the RJ45 - 8 pin jacks with CAT5 cable.

Will it matter if I don't even install the RJ12 jack?

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Nope, no need to solder the jack if you aren't going to use it.

Although, you may just be able to heat the solder up with your soldering iron and then "puff" it out. Just make sure there isn't anything below the board though... you wouldn't want to do this if you're wearing shorts and soldering on your lap. ;)

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