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CTB16PC Gen2 & CTB16PC Gen3

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I have the same mix.

One thing the Gen 3 can be on an Enhanced LOR network.  I think this precludes using a single LOR network IF you want to use Enhanced mode on the Gen 3

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5 hours ago, ddd said:

What if any are the differences between the Gen2 & Gen3 controllers?  ddd    Bud

The Gen 2's have a red power light on the right and the Gen 3 have a green one on the left.

Older boards *sometimes* have issues with multiple full strings of full-wave LEDs on the same channel dimming properly.  The Gen 3 are engineered to avoid those issues.

And there's the speed difference noted above.  Boards older than Gen 3 won't work on network speeds above 115K.

As far as lighting commands go, they're all equal, and can be mixed and matched seamlessly in standard-speed networks.

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Thanks!! TWO DUCKS & GEORGE SIMMONS for the info. Could not find it any where else.  Puts my mind at ease as I I have a mix of the two. (I am expanding my controller count)  Now I know that they will work & play well with each other.    ddd     Bud

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