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I got a problem. I can't install the USB-SC485B drivers under Vista Ultimate 64.
What is the correct installation order?

I started with LOR v163 and it installed fine.
I then updated the Hardware utility to v166.

Plugged in the converter and Vista 64 can't find nor can I manually assign the driver.
What am I doing wrong?

Just found the CDM_2.02.04.exe update for Vista.
Will give it a try and let ya know how it goes.

Tried to run the update above but it won't run.
"Not a valid 32 bit app" or something like that.
I plugged in the converter and Vista finally found and installed the drivers.
Checked Device Manager and all is good!
Vista assigned COM 3 to USB to Serial Converter.
Not sure what I did but it seems to be fine ........ for now:D

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