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Pixel Tree -- PE or SS

rick gurnee

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I currently have 14 CTB16PC  controllers that I sequence using the sequence editor and a 12 ribbon CCR tree that I use Superstar to sequence.  I plan on getting a pixel tree next year and wonder if I should use the pixel editor or Superstar to sequence it.  What do most people use?

I have watched Matt's videos on the introduction to PE and it was very useful.  I have created some effects and am practicing with the PE.  Are there any other videos tutorials that go a little deeper into creating effects?  Does anyone have some sample effects for the pixel tree that they could share.  Looking at how other people have created effects would help me get an idea how these things work.

I've only been playing with the PE for a week so I'm very new at it, hopefully with some practice I'll feel as comfortable with it as I am with SE and SS, but right now I could use some help.

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Since you are already using SuperStar for the CCR tree, I would stick with SuperStar for the pixel tree. I have always sequenced my pixel tree in SuperStar. Now I sequence EVERYTHING in SuperStar, and export that as intensity files.

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I have a 12 ccr tree which I sequence with SS, I also have a 30 string 360 degree pixel tree that I sequence in the pixel editor. The pixel editor works fairly easy to create some nice effects in a really short time.

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