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New to pixel editor question


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I've been scanning the forums and watching the PE how tos online. From what I understand you can sequence in either PE or SE but not both. Currently I was using SE and SS for my sequences but I now want to be able to move my 12 CCR tree into PE and sequence there from now on. If I do this is there a way to keep my existing work or do I have to start all over? Or does the software just " know " what to do with it? I'm hoping for this answer lol.

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In S4, you would need to perform a legacy export out of SS and bring that into SE. Then from SE, you can use the Sequence > Migration Tools > Import from Sequence Editor menu option to bring the SS effects into PE. Documentation on the SE to PE part is here:


However, one of the goals for S5 is to be able to intermix SS and PE effects -- so the process will be simpler and more flexible.


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