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Quick question.  Just got through repairing a controller that had a bad data jack.  Part graciously provided by the Light O Rama service department.  It got me to thinking what common repair parts should I keep on hand for emergency repairs during the season in case of problems..

I have found the triacs and figure I should have those on hand,  found the COMM chip also.  Do these ever fail?  cheap enough will probably order a couple for a just in case.  I already have figured out that I should have a couple of the data jacks on hand since I just replaced a broken one lol.. but I can't seem to find a good part number for those.  If anyone has a good digikey or mouser part number I would appreciate a share on that one.  Are there any other parts that commonly go that I should stock up on??  Figured you seasoned pros have seen just about every failure!


Thanks everyone!

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