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Pixel Editor vs. Superstar questions


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This past season I started using Pixel Editor for some new RGB lighting I have switched to.  In the past I have used Superstar for some CCR's that I have.  This last season got pretty complicated switching back and forth from Pixel Editor, Superstar, and the sequence editor for all of my props.  This next season i will be all rgb hopefully and am just wondering how all of you are sequencing now in this type of application.  Are you using solely the pixel editor, or superstar, or still using all?  This next season I would like to make it more simple if possible.  I will still have my CCR's, and am adding more rgb items like mini trees, and a couple of more small matrixes.  I would appreciated any feedback you guys can offer.


Thanks much!


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Corey, I now do 100% of my sequencing in SuperStar. I have almost everything in SuperStar for five years, but starting in 2016, EVERYTHING was sequenced in SuperStar and exported as intensity files. In Sequence Editor, there was only one channel, and that was primarily because there can't be zero.

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