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Enclosure for CTB16D


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I've had a stand alone CTB16D w/heatsink for about 10 years now. It is currently mounted to a piece of plywood in my garage.

I'd like to move it out into my yard, but I need to get an enclosure for it.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I've used the CG-1500 enclosure for my pixel controllers. but wasn't sure if that would be my best option.

Hoping someone may even have some photos they'd be willing to share.



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The CG1500 is like the default enclosure, everybody sells them and you can get some good prices on them by shopping around. They do make them smaller and bigger like the CG1000 and such.

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I have three CTB16D controllers in the weather on a year round basis.  One is located in an 8x8x4 PVC electrical box - at the very right edge of this photo:


I'm going to be moving it however just to get it out of the way of using that box as a junction box when I need to be able to pull wire through any of the six pieces of conduit that terminate in that box.  I used to have a second CTB16D in another 8x8x4 PVC electrical box, but that controller was removed when the rope light that it was driving was replaced with smart pixels a few years ago.  My other two CTB16D controllers are located in one of the brick columns in my front yard (and the third one will be relocated there).  That works very well as long as I remember to apply the water sealant every year (remember that brick is not waterproof by itself).




Yea, I know that the latter two photos does not help much...


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Holy cow, Dan.  You could add a small lunch counter inside that monster box.  I've always preferred a CG2000 because of it's muuuuuch smaller size. 

It needs to be noted that I also use spt1 (or 2) 18ga dongles.  It's a tight fit, but to me that's a good trade-off.

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7 hours ago, George Simmons said:

..... It needs to be noted that I also use spt1 (or 2) 18ga dongles.  It's a tight fit.....

I too used SPT1 for the dongles. And since I'm 95% LED & always moving that way, I even used SPT1 for the power cord. 

I can buy 6-packs of CG1500s during pre-sales that comes out to about $12 an enclosure, including the shipping. 

I built 5 new controllers. With the 6th enclosure I mounted my FM transmitter and miniDirector inside. Now it's not over the front door and the boss was very happy. 

Happy wife - happy life!


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