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Pixel Editor how to upgrade to Pro level


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I had asked a question in the help desk regarding pixel strips and such and they informed me that I would need to upgrade to the Pro Level of PIxel Editor,

My current licsense is for Basic Plus version 4.3 which comes supplied with just Pixel Editor. How and where do I upgrade to the Pro Level of Pixel Editor?

I presently haven't purchased any pixel lights or equipment because I am waiting for the spring sale and get things somewhat cheaper, I was hoping I could

get the Pro Level of Pixel Editor and start working with programming everything for my new show next Halloween and Christmas. Is there somewhere that I'm

not looking to do the upgrade or do I have to purchase the equipment first to get the upgraded software and licsense? I was hoping to get the upgraded software

and be able to build my new props on line to see how things are going to work for me.

Any help is appreciated with all this.

Thanks everyone.


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