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I have 5 controllers,

01 - 16PC-G3 Ver. 1.06

02 - CMB24D Ver. 1.05

03 - 16PC-G3 Ver. 1.09

04 - CMB24D Ver. 1.05

05 - PIXIE16 Ver. 1.01

I can see and control them all in the Hardware Utility but when I run a sequence, Unit 01 - 16PC-G3 Ver. 1.06 does not do anything while the others work as they should. I have double checked the sequencing to confirm proper unit ID and circuit #s. I have the networked configured for 500K enhanced. Is it possible that the firmware needs to be upgraded to 1.09, the same as unit 03?

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated, Thanks,


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Off hand, I would say that the old firmware is the problem. Update that firmware.

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