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Trying to schedule a Pixel Editor created sequence


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I am brand new to LOR products.

I created a schedule that plays a sequence that I created via Pixel Editor so that it would run over and over.  The sequence worked from Pixel Editor just fine.  The scheduler says that it is running it.  But the lights aren't doing anything.

Is there something that I need to do to the file before adding it to the schedule?


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Have you created a show using the show editor? Then schedule the show file using the schedule editor. 

You should not even be able to put a sequence file in the schedule editor. 

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Welcome to the forums!

There's a few things you probably need to know about the workflow:

Sequences (from Sequence Editor, Pixel Editor, Superstar) get placed inside a show (using the Show Player) and then the shows are placed in to the schedule (Schedule Editor).

Light-O-Rama created the Sequence Editor over 10 years ago as a standalone product.  In recent years, they've developed SuperStar and the Pixel Editor to manage tens of thousands of pixel channels.  These programs use the Sequence Editor as a base, and create additional file types associated with the "base" sequence to handle different kinds of data.  When you save your Pixel Editor sequence, it does not give enough data for the Sequence Editor to read and playback your pixel data information; it's only saving the Pixel Editor's data so that you can "read" it over and over -- unlike the way the Sequence Editor operates.

You need to click "Save Intensity Data" within the Pixel Editor (File -> Save Intensity Data) By doing this, all the pixel programming data is now "saved" with your sequence file as a SONGNAME.lms.pe.lid file type, or Light Intensity Data.  The reason this is not integrated into the "Save" command (You would think so, right?) is because the software needs to process and output all the raw on/off data, and it takes time.  I have sequences that take 15-20 seconds (at minimum) to Save Intensity Data.  But, you really only need to "output" this information when you're prepping your show to be read by the Sequence Editor and/or Show Player.

You should then have three file type associated with your sequence:

  • .lms (Sequence Editor file)
  • .lms.pe (Pixel Editor 'editable' file)
  • .lms.pe.lid (Raw Intensity Data, uneditable)

I know this might seem "wierd" to someone just jumping in, but it's the result of a lot of software changes / additions.  New versions are rumored to a bit less complex, but this is the workflow as of now.

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