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Configure Strobes in PE


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I have a mix of smart rgb lights along with other lights that are not, primarily strobes. I'm trying to figure out how to configure the strobe strings as props in PE, but I can't seem to figure out how to setup the "effect" for them when trying to add them to the sequence. I thought I would just be able to turn them "on", but PE seems to be requiring an "effect" in order to turn the prop on. When in the effect window, I don't get any visualization of the strobes at all, so I can't see what is happening.

When I created the prop for the strobes, I used:

Dimming Curve: StrobeCurve
    Type: Strobe string 1 ch
    Select Color: White
Shape: Lines-Connected
    # of segments: 5
    Preview # of lights total: 20

I arrange the strings in the preview editor as a zig-zag on my lawn and set the bulb shape to Strobe or Flood and the size to 20. They show up in the Preview Design window just fine, but not when I try to add an effect.

Any ideas on how to configure this type of prop in PE? Thanks.

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Matt if I created a sequence an sent the intensity file to sequence editor and play sequence  How do I go back and add a new effect but still save what I already sent as intensity file

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After making edits in the Pixel Editor, do a File > Save to preserve your edits, then File > Save Intensity Data to overwrite the old intensity (LID) file.

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