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Half of controller not working HELP


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I have a 160xW, which I know is an older model, but it has been working great for years. I have 112 channels (7 controllers), been doing this since 2010.

My controller was tripping my GFI, at first I thought it was moister.  I tried systematically unplugging each channel with power off, could not find one to trip gfi.  Then I plugged in half the controller (9-16) and half of the lights worked no trip, Then when I plugged just the other half channels 1-8 by itself no red light and no action.  Then I tried again to plug in both black cords into the GFI and it tripped.   I checked the fuse and even traded it with the good side, still no power for channels 1-8. 

HELP any ideas.  Did my controller bite the dust or is there another fuse or something else I can try. We hosting our block Christmas party tomorrow night too.

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You're saying that there is no red light on the controller when you have channels 1-8 plugged in. Could it be that you've unplugged the power cord for channels 9-16 (of the 2 power cords that feed the controller)? If so, then that's your problem. The electronics in the controller are powered by the cord that powers channels 9-16. There will be no signs of power if you only have the one cord that feeds channels 1-8 plugged in.


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