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I'm getting an error message in Simple Show Builder when I try to write to my SD card!! I made a minor change to my show and now I can't get it to work. All I did was added a sequence!

First error message: MP3 Play List Error. There was a problem while attempting to create the MP3 show. Current Activity: Copying MP3 file to SD Card. Error was: Bad file name or number.

Second error message: MP3 Play List Error. There was a problem while attempting to create the MP3 show. Error was:

Third error message: SD Failure. Your SD card was NOT CREATED. Please make corrections and re-run Simple Show Builder.

What does all this mean????

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FIXED IT!! If you ever get these error messages, your SD card is messed up. I unplugged it, inserted it back in, and Windows prompted me to repair it. It repaired it and all is good!!

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Suggetion: Use the Hardware Utility to write your shows to your SD Card.  It has a lot more flexibility than the SSB does.  The main and best one is this, you can have your MP3 files and Sequences on ANY DRIVE on your computer or even on another system in your home if they're linked and the HWU will allow you to access those sequences from anywhere, any hard drive, CD/DVD drive if you have them saved on one, any subfolder{s} on any drive on your entire home network system.   

SSB requires all sequences to be in the main LOR\SEQUENCES directoryHWU does not!   

And many of us have our sequences set up in subfolders for the various holidays and years, for example I have Halloween with subfolders labeled for 2010,2011,2012....2016 and under those I may have additional subfolders for how many channels the sequences is, 16, 32, 48, 64, 80.....etc.,etc.   Same for my Christmas sequences.   

If I had to put all those in the Sequences root folder, that becomes quite a mess, so using the HWU allows you{me} to clean up where you{I} keep your{my} sequences and will find them anywhere, no need to copy or move them when needed, they stay put right where you{I} want them.   So you can see that the HWU has a lot more flexibility here, and you can also set times right down to the minute in HWU, whereas the SSB only allows on the hour or half hour time settings for show times.

Just go to the MP3 tab in HWU and check it out, you may find you'll love it over the SSB, especially since you have a lot more options in the HWU.


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