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Two Networks but the Pro controller is not triggering


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I have one LOR1602Wg3-MP3 and three CTB16PC purchased last year. This year, I added a Pixie16 and three 50Watt RGB floods. I have put the three CTB16 PC and RGB Floods on the Aux network per the suggestion of Techsupport. At first I had everyone on the same network but the Pixel were experiencing lag.
The LOR1602Wg3-MP3 is Unit ID1. In splitting the devices on two networks, I cannot seem to get the channels on the LOR1602 to turn on. I have tried setting them to Regular and AUX.
I am using the Hardware Utility to create the SC card. Network 1 is set to 500K with  Output LOR Enhanced Channels as well as LOR Normal per the guidance of tech support. The second port on the director is set to 56.6k with no setting check on Output LOR Enhanced Channels as well as LOR Normal.
Techsupport is closed for the day and I would really like to get this resolved tonight.
Any suggestion is appreciated.
David Moon
P.S. Techsupport suggested changing the original CTB16PC to AUX as it would be easier to change the 48 channels to AUX then the 16 strings on the Pixie16.
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