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X10 control module


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2+ weeks into my show, and my X10 CM11A seems to have blown up.  It isn't work, the module is very warm, and only *occasionally* can be detected by Hardware Utility.  I actually took it apart hoping to find something easy-ish -- Even 10+ minutes after removing power, the transformer in the middle of the board is too hot to touch, and the wrappings around it are discolored.  I found another CM11A on eBay for $33 with free shipping, it'll get here the end of this week, which is only a week before Christmas.  I only use it to shut down the porch lights and to control candelabras in the windows before and after the show -- so not a huge part of the display.

The purpose of this post is to complain about the ancient CM11A, and to beg, plead, (bribe?) for support of a newer X10 module, and/or support for other home-automation hardware (for example, Insteon, but there are others) that would work with more modern / less problematic hardware.



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