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6 ch. star doesnt work


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I currently have just (1) LOR 1602Wg3 and using 12CCR on my tree. Last year everything work fine. This year the star does not. I plug star direct to power and it works. Check fuses on 1602 and good. My small screen on the 1602 will show I-01 or 02 then goes to 1.14 and now has gone up to 46. I work with Brian B this morning and let him try his magic and could not make happen. I know it must have something with turning the 6 1st plugs on as channels. Please any help out there.

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Software update was after this happened. I was experiencing the problem before the update. Just not sure how to reprogram the star to work with programs I purchased from Brian. We did have this same issue when I first bought them and some how we got it to work. This year no work, nothing changed or added or deleted. Waiting to here back from LOR to see if they can offer any help. But will gladly listen to someone else.


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Just going to throw some things out there I would check.

First check to see all the Firmware is up to date on all of your controllers. (lol this seems to be my advice of the day) Seeing that you did update software even if it was after the problems, you now have the latest software installed, it would only make sense to update the firmware as well. The Firmware update page is here -> http://www1.lightorama.com/firmware-updates/

Here are three ways to check channels configurations for Superstar, Sequence Editor, and Visualizer

Open Superstar, load a known good working sequence that includes the star and tree. Click Tools, then scroll down and click Configuration this should open this box


Yours will be different, but pay attention to the highlighted areas. This area will tell you what Unit ID the Star is using and what is the first Unit ID of First Ribbon Controller. I have never bought a Sequence from Brian so I don't exactly know how he sets up the Unit ID's. Regardless this will tell you what they are.

If you have played a sequence with this in years past, this would mean you have a Sequence setup in Sequence Editor. Load a song into Sequence Editor that you used last year (one that worked and does not now) Click Tools at the top of the page, then scroll down and Click Channel Configuration. When this opens find your CCR props (star and tree) at click on the + to expand the channel open. It should look something like this. This tells will tell you what channel SE is using.


*If* you have a Visualizer file for these props

Open up Visualizer, and load the Visualizer file for the Star and Tree prop. On the upper right side double click the Star Prop fixture.


It should open a Fixture Properties windows.


Verify that each channel is the same for in all three configs.


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