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New song doesn't work correctly. 12 others are great!


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Hi Everyone. Hope all is well


I just submitted a help ticket on this but thought one of our Pixel Editor gurus might know whats up!

I have an odd problem. I have an RGB pixel sign in my display that has been working correctly with all 12 songs in our show since Thanksgiving. Last night I added a new song and the first 8 letters of "Christmas" on the sign do not work for that one song only. every other song is 100%. Except for those 8 letters, the balance of the sign works correctly too. They are mostly blacked out but flicker occasionally.

I create the sequences on my home computer and transfer them to my show computer. Nothing new here.

The sign is controlled by 2 E682's 1 for the word "Christmas" and the other for the balance. Each letter is on its own universe. 1-9 on the first E682 and 10-19 for "In The Grove" Power comer from the controller outputs.

Both E682's self test properly with their built in test patterns.

I just made sure that both computers had the same software. They didn't originally but do now. Same problem continues.Other songs were created or edited with the same pre upgrade setup.

Network prefs check ok
Universe assignments in the preview are ok

Sequence looks fine in pixel editor

This one has me baffled!    Help Please!

citg sign sm.jpg

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Thanks Dennis.

I am using the identical "Preview" and "Props" as the other songs. The universe assignments should not be any different. If I look and the Universe assignments for each prop, they are correct.

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My guess on that would be that those channels are being controlled by two things.  For example, if the channels are controlled by Sequence Editor and also by an Intensity file from PE. 

Keep in mind that I don't use Pixel Editor, so some of these details may escape me. 


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Was the new song sequenced by you or did you buy it and if you bought it check to see if any channels conflict with your Christmas in the grove  .

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Thanks Jim and Dennis

It is a sequence that I created using the same setup as everything else. I'm having a hard time imagining the the Sequence Editor is conflicting but I'll look into that. I do agree that it seems like some sort of conflict.


Thanks for your thoughts

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I can't say for sure. But here are some things to try:

1) Can you try running the sign directly from PE (Tools > Control Lights)? Make sure the LOR Control Panel is running, but shows are disabled. Does the sign exhibit the same issue?

2) From PE, have you tried recreating the intensity data file (File > Save Intensity Data). Perhaps there was a glitch when saving the file the first time?

3) After creating the intensity data file, check the sequence using the LOR Verifier. Does it show any issues?

4) After doing all of the above, try playing the sequence from SE? Does it exhibit the same issue?

Hopefully, one of those tests will help narrow down where the problem is.


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Well, whenever something like this happens, the first thing that I ask myself is"did anything change?"

I was confident that nothing had changed, and since all my other sequences were working correctly, there had to be a different cause for my problem.

As it turns out, between finishing song 12 and sequencing song 13, I experimented with a new prop in pixel editor. Carelessly, I assigned my new prop Universes 1-8. The same ones as the C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A in my sign. Oops...My Bad!

After assigning the new prop new universe numbers, All is well.

The older songs worked because I had saved their intensity data with the old preview, not the one with the new prop.

I wasn't using that prop in the new sequence and incorrectly assumed that since it wasn't being used there wouldn't be a conflict. That was the culprit.

I discovered the problem by following Matt's suggestion of running LOR Verifier. I had never used it before but found it extremely useful!

Hat Tip to our PE Guru Matt Brown. Thanks Matt!

Merry Christmas everyone! See you all in Nashville!

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That would do it! Glad you figured out.

Sent from my Droid Turbo via Tapatalk, so blame any typos or spelling errors on Android

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