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LOR1602MP3 > Trigger help !


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Hello were stuck, and were new at the software. I'm reaching out as I'm not to sure what do next.

This outline is what we want to do:

LOR1602MP3 turn on with clock (sunset) > All light on > Wait for trigger, Trigger hits > activate 15 second show > back to all lights on > turn all light off at midnight, Repeat.

Were suing the LOR1602MP3 unit with the basic software, I think that where my problem is. I think i need the advanced version but need someone to confirm. A also need to know what section of the softwere to use. This thing has diffrent versions and thet are all stand alone I'm not to sure what order to use them and how to program the card.


Please advised.

Jeff and his 3 little elves 



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