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PE File Problems After A Complete Reload


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I had a major computer system blowup on the system that I run my shows on! Windows 10 became very unstable, to say the least. I tried a windows repair, with the help of Microsoft  Support, and it had problems and failed. I had to reinstall Windows 10. Therefore, I lost all of my files. I had a back up and reinstalled all of the files. I also had to download and reinstall LOR S4 PRO. S4 has lost all of its hardware configuration and network settings. I have re-set up all of the hardware connections (I use 4 seperate networks to control my display). PE originally did not find my Preview file. But after several adjustments, it is back and working correctly. All of the props show up and PE will control the lights. However, pixel sequencing is not showing in PE and there is no Pixel line showing in the Ims file. I need help figuring out how to, hopefully, reconnect the PE file with the IMS files. I hope that everything is not gone or can't be reconnected. My show has now been down for 3 days due to this mishap. Can anyone help me figure out why I have lost all of the PE sequencing? I am desperate.

I also just noticed that all of my favorites in PE are missing!!!


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Sorry to hear about your computer.

Your favorites and previews are stored in the same file - located in the PixelEditor folder (a peer of the Sequences folder). PE sequences are in the same folder as your LMS file, but with an LPE extension. In order for the PE Sequencing to show up in SE, the intensity data file (LID extension) must exist in the same directory as your LMS file. The intensity data can always be recreated from the PE sequence by selecting File > Save Intensity Data from the PE main menu.

Hope that helps get you started.


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